“I have just had the pleasure of working with Miguel on my book E.T. As Artist. As this was my first book I was quite nervous, however Miguel was very professional and worked closely with me through the whole process. I have nothing but admiration for the way he works. He advised and helped me immensely with the whole concept and process. He has a friendly personality but also a drive to get everything right for his clients in a reasonable time. This gave me the freedom to plan for when the book was published along with good advice from Miguel on how to promote it.

“Miguel was a dream to work with and I am more than happy to recommend him to anyone who wants to tell their story. His fees are not expensive and he does not put any add-ons once a contract of work is agreed. I have more books planned and I will definitely be contacting Miguel for his services in the future.”

~ Fay Vale
Author of E.T. As Artist.

“Miguel Mendonça is meticulous and multidimensional. Working with him on his book We are Disclosure was a seamless, professional experience. He has the insight and ability to reveal the deep recesses of our being and present them with grace and light. What we may hesitate to discuss with others, we will open up about in a flowing conversation with Miguel. He is a skilled writer and editor, and has a clear grasp of how to present one’s gifts so that they will be gratefully received – a necessity for artists, and a tribute to Miguel’s craft and heart.”

~ Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD
Founder, Institute for Exoconsciousness

“I enthusiastically endorse using Miguel Mendonça’s publishing company Lightworker Books, especially for sharing about unusual, profound experiences such as with extraterrestrial or other-dimensional beings, paranormal and anomalous experiences.

“Having co-authored Meet The Hybrids with Miguel, I know him to be multi-talented, conscientious, efficient, exacting in detail, and respectfully open to peoples’ experiences of the larger reality.  He is dedicated to sharing such experiences, which help the reader to evolve in consciousness. His recent project  E.T. As Artist by Fay Vale is an excellent example of his publishing expertise.”    

~ Barbara Lamb, M.S., CHT
Regression Therapist

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Miguel when he interviewed me for Meet The Hybrids and Being with the Beings. He left no stone unturned when asking questions about my story and it meant a great deal for me to be able to share my journey with him. He was careful to include important details in recording my experiences and I always felt he was respectful and honored my story in a very special way.

“Miguel is a gifted writer and editor. He was wonderful to work with during the interview and editing process and it was a privilege to do so. I would recommend Miguel to anyone who wants their book produced by a professional.”

~ Jacquelin Smith, BA, C.Ht
Author of Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals

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