About me

My name is Miguel Mendonça, and I am an Anglo-Azorean writer based in Bristol, England. I have worked with over 40 people on telling their story through my books and theirs, and for me this is a passion, a duty and a privilege.

Our stories give us the opportunity to say something about who we were in this life. Who and what we loved and valued. Where we went and what we saw. What we contributed and what we learned. These become detailed records of the human journey, both individually and collectively. They allow us to dive deep into our experience, framing a moment in time, gifting us the opportunity for expression, for reflection, for understanding. Each time we read these stories we are changed by them, and our view changes of them. So they are always new experiences, and they grow with us.

Language continues to be a profoundly important tool, and books give us the space and time to express a depth and breadth of experience and perspective that other forms of interaction cannot. Most of us have wonderful memories of special books that we read over and over, that gave us laughter, reassurance, insight and understanding. They made sense to us and shaped the way we view and react to things. All books have this capacity, and when we share our story, we offer others that same powerful resource. They all change the world, at one scale or another.

My own work has focused on a broad range of subjects from sustainability to spirituality, so I am comfortable working on most types of subject matter. 

My writing has included seven books, as well as book chapters in edited volumes, research, conference and journal papers, articles, reviews and comment pieces. In the course of my career I have done a great deal of editing, and offer this service in addition to design and layout work.

Some of the work I have produced involves a large number of images, so I can produce art books as well as those featuring mainly text.

I can also design the jacket cover, and locate artists for the right imagery.

If you wish to produce an audiobook version, I can refer you to an experienced colleague to handle this for you.

Whatever your needs, feel free to reach out to me and let’s discuss your project.