Everyone has a story to tell.
Let’s tell yours.

As a writer, editor, designer and publisher I can help you think through your book from start to finish. I can handle the editing, layout and cover, or any of the stages individually.

In addition I can guide you through the self-publishing process so you can take control of your book, its distribution and your royalties.

Whether it is fiction, non-fiction or a bit of both, we can give your story the love it needs to bring it to the world.

“Miguel was a dream to work with and I am more than happy to recommend him to anyone who wants to tell their story.”
~ Fay Vale, Author of E.T. As Artist

“He is a skilled writer and editor, and has a clear grasp of how to present one’s gifts so that they will be gratefully received – a necessity for artists, and a tribute to Miguel’s craft and heart.”
~ Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD
Founder, Institute for Exoconsciousness

“Having co-authored Meet The Hybrids with Miguel, I know him to be multi-talented, conscientious, efficient, exacting in detail, and respectfully open to peoples’ experiences of the larger reality.”
~ Barbara Lamb, M.S., CHT
Regression Therapist